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An industry expert in a diverse range, comprising FRP Production Line, FRP Products, SOP Production Line & Dual Laminate Equipment..

About Us

HBFC FRP Co. Ltd. is a leading name in the field of FRP products, FRP products production lines, PVC, PP pipes & fittings. More than 2 decades old company is successfully demonstrating a never-failing commitment to understand the products or production line requirements of businesses in several industries, from chemical, petrochemical to pharmaceutical. From a FRP Pipe to FRP Pipe Production Line, FRP Tank to FRP Tank Production Line, FRP Pipe Fittings, GRP Pipe Fittings, FRP Moulds to FRP Special Shaped Products, Dual Laminate Equipment to Process Equipment, like Vessels and Reactors, HBFC operating as a manufacturer & exporter creates world-class solutions. Our company also exports Caustic Soda Flakes and Graphite electrode as an export agent for local manufacturers.